Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Live Today 2023-Trick & Tips, Patti Formula

Kolkata Fatafat Result  Live Today – Kolkata FF Lottery Result Live

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Kolkata Fatafat is a lottery-based game that plays all of the Kolkata people by the basic knowledge of this game. People know this game as gambling because in this game you can play a game by investing money and you have to win also price a big amount of money. This game is very popular due to its being simple to use and you can improve your money in 2xto 4x. This game is open to every people of Kolkata city.

This game is very popular in Kolkata city and player always search Kolkata FF Fatafat Result live Today and this game is famous due to unique ideas and playing games online also earn money, So most of the people are attracted to this game. This game is used generally by students, poor boys and girls and invest their minimum amount of money and check their luck. The game is very popular due to its simple use and easy money earn and referral from our friends.

Time table for Kolkata ff game

This game is played in 8 types in a day but on Sunday it is open 4 times. In this game, all of the games are open in the difference of 1 or 2 hours. Kolkata FF Fatafat Result live Today of the game is generally result shown at 10 am and closed at 9 pm and if are you play a game you can enter this time period and invest money before 30 min of the game starts.

In the Kolkata Fatafat game, you have to invest your money before the game result of 30 minutes and you have to see the result in the game result time. In this time you can apply your tips and method for the win and you can increase your balance easily.

Kolkata FF Result Time Table

Round Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


All are the Kolkata FF Fatafat Result live Today game has same time in every weak. You can play all of the games at this time can invest before 30 minutes of result declare. people are playing this game all of the timing but third, fourth, and fifth-round people are not majorly playing because in this time people are not avelable this time.

Kolkata Fatafat online result

It is an online game you can play games on their application and result check on their website also their game application “result section” all results are up to date in the time period. At this present time results are available on other websites and you can easily check also result available and declare some You Tubers and bloggers and other people also.

steps for Kolkata FF Fatafat Result live Today

  • firstly you check your app in the result section
  • you go to result section of official website kolkataff.com
  • remember lottery number and check the wining number in the result section
  •  if you have won the first prize then talk to the official number given. similar for other number in the lottery, talk to your nearest center.


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Prizes of the game Kolkata FF are varied due to guessing a number by the participant. Also, the winning amount can vary from player to player. In this game, multiple people guess numbers and the correct guess wins all the amount in one number. The game can be started with a certain amount at hand. Kolkata FF results have multiple winners. The winner has to get prizes for their wallet and the player have easily withdraw this amount just like adding an amount.

This game-winning is very difficult because it depends upon luck but some people are calculating the exact number and they have to charge and freely share on YouTube you can follow their article. If are you win this game your winning amount are easily added to your Kolkata Fatafat account and this money you can easily withdraw and reuse it for play on this application.

People are playing this game due to easily earn money and spend in her delay life but it is not easy as for the user thing but it fully depends on luck, expertise and probability to correct answer. Some people are investing more amount of money because they lose some amount and recover this amount he spends more amount.


Scheme NameKolkata FF Fatafat  Game
Game Category Lottery Game
Lottery Ticket Charge6 Rs/-
Money Prize1 Crore Rs
Official Websitewww.kolkata-ff.org
LocationWest Bengal
Today ResultView Result


Kolkata fatafat winning tips

This game is very popular in West Bengal and players always find the winning tips of this game I have to share with you this game generally depends upon the luck factor and experience of playing.

If you get any tricks and tips from another website, YouTube and friends or anybody you apply these tips because all of the players are sharing their experience of winning these tips is working or not working because this company have not provided any information of the wining process. if are you try something this is all about your risk.

If are you playing this game in 1 to 2 weak you can calculate your winning probability then you apply in your next game and if this is beneficial then this is the process of wine but in some cases, it is not working but you don’t worry you can try other probability.


Kolkata FF Money add and withdrawal process

In this application, you can easily add and withdraw money by the simple step in this Kolkata Fatafat game application. Money is necessary for entry a game for bidding.
In the application, you click “add money” for money add in this game application similarly for withdrawing you can click “Withdraw” button and transfer money to your electronic wallet or bank account also but in this time the application has to charge you.

When you add some amount it is same but after rseult your money have to increase and you see result Kolkata FF Fatafat Result live Today in their application or website.


Why people are playing this game in daily basic?

In the city of West Bengal, many of the poor people are available and he has not to spend money on daily living for essential. Poor people have not celebrated the festival and buy essential food, So they do have not enough money to buy and spend at this festival because of that reason they have been disappointed and searched for the simplest way to earn money on the game Kolkata Fatafat (Kolkata FF).

This game is the choice of one to earn money for spending basic need and they have to try to earn money by simple work so they have played this game for extra income. People also earn this game and promote it to their relatives and friends so others have used by inspiration and addicted this game.


How to play Kolkata Fatafat Game ?

This game playing is very easy due to its easy user interface and its use of very easy step by the click simple button and entry the game easily.

If we enter any of the games firstly we need some amount that will you have to add in this game or money add in this time and then you enter the game in this money. you can get her winning amount when you have to win and all the balance of your Kolkata ff withdraw to your preferable wallet or bank account very easily by clicking withdraw button.

Why Kolkata Fatafat game is popular?
This is popular due to the money-making game. In this game, people easily invest their money and withdraw also. In this game you can play in a minimum amount of 10rs to have that is easy to every people for investing also this game is open 8 different types for people are investing their money in a single day. In this game, people are income double or more money as per investing. people wait to see Kolkata FF Fatafat Result live Today for they have to win or not.

How to download this game?

At this time it is not available in the play store and you can download it on the official website of apk version in this app you can add and withdraw your amount. If are you fist time user you can follow YouTube and the website declare how to play this game and a guide is also provided.
This is an online game you can play the game using the internet and add and withdraw money to your bank account or wallet. It is very simple to use for people.

Why Kolkata Fatafat game is illegal?
Kolkata Fatafat game, people are gambling (play this game using money) this is illegal in India and some people are not recommended. It is the impact to the young generation for interest in gambling. This game you can play using money but if are you win then you have to double or triple your money at the same time if are you not win you lose your bidding money amount.


It is a Satta Matka game people are easily attracted to this game due to earning money in a certain period of time also they promote it to other people. The player of the game are waiting Kolkata FF Fatafat Result live Today in their app or website also they have to search wining tips in the internet. This game is very dangerous because this game is given to money those who have to win or your money has to lose by playing this game. This is playing in the Kolkata Fatafat app and it is downloaded by its own website and used by apk version. In this game, people are income who are k expertise or luck factor is high. This game is very popular in Kolkata city but at the time it is available in other countries also.

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