CSC Dipigpay Cash Deposit Service – Digipay

CSC Digipay Cash-Deposit Service

Digipay : Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, CEO, CSC SPV making the welcome address at the workshop on CSC, He Said That CSC Decide to Add two new services in Digipay, As you know in this time Digipay Offers only Amount Withdraw & Balance Inquiry, But After Dinesh Tyagi’s statement it is final that CSC will Add Some New Feature in Digipay, Mr. Tyagi Announce that All VLE will Provide Cash Deposit and Fund Transfer Through Digipay.

CSC Digipay Cash-Deposit Service

So Now All VLE now becomes BC(Banking Corresponded) Using DIGIPAY, Not only one bank although All Bank’s Cash Deposit, Fund Transfer, Cash Withdraw, Balance inquiry. So this Announcement is great Opportunity for All Vle who

want to work As banking Services.

If any VLE not using CSC Digipay , OR unable to use Digipay Or want to know More about DIGIPAY, You can learn form my website OR My Youtube Channel, On my youtube channel many Videos about CSC Services and Technical Supporting Videos, i am sharing there my Youtube channel Link Here- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNe6t0YMUACKCcXKLP1CSVg/featured?view_as=subscriber?&ytbChannel=CSC%20Tech%20Guru

Hi, I am Mohd Salauddin, I am A Full Time CSC-VLE and Part Time, Blogger, Youtuber (CSC TechGuru). Actually I m passionate about knowledge sharing, I love to share my Experience in My Business. Here I am trying to help to write Post on many type Topics which are so important and helpful to VLE, because I am writing and explaining in HINDI. This is easy language to learn & understand. I hope my effort could help. Pls keep Supporting me.


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